Grace k.i.d.s. 


Kids of all ages have a God-breathed capacity for understanding the bigness, fullness, and depth of who He is. Our job as teachers and leaders is to help them engage with the Bible, with each other, and with God as they grow up!

God loves organization, balance, and creativity. Look around His creation and you immediately see all of these things and a propensity for excellence. This is the same desire he has for His ministry to children. Organization comes from great planning, balance comes from the spiritual maturity of our volunteer ministry staff, and excellence comes from a prayerful desire to do God’s will. 

That is why Grace K.I.D.S. is all about creating a program whose goal is to “reach and teachKingdom Inspired Discipleship for Students. 


Parents and guardians can check-in their children (ages 3-11) at the entrance to the Grace KIDS hallway between 10:15 and 10:45 am. A security "pick up" card will be given to the primary parent who will pick up their child from the WOW Room using this security card for identifciation purposes at the end of the worship service. 

Children are given a check-in sticker to wear that our volunteers will look for when they  are dismissed from the worship center at 11:15 for Children's Church* to match with our attendance list for that day.  

If this is your first Sunday, we will ask for a parent or guardian to complete a 2023-24 Grace KIDS registration form (just like the first day of school).

*Snack is part of Children's Church program so please let our staff know if  their are any allergy issues. 

GRACE k.i.d.s.

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.    2 Peter 3:18


    When it comes to Grace K.I.D.S. ministry, we want volunteers who are fully devoted Christ followers, trustworthy servant leaders, and energetic personalities. 

    Volunteers with this unique and gifted set of criteria don't assemble themselves by magic; here at Place of Grace Campus, our developing volunteer process helps us identify just which people would make awesome kids leaders. Our children’s ministry volunteer process balances safety (background checks) with spiritual growth and maturity. We pray and are always on the lookout for servant-hearted, loving, and kind volunteers, and each one is an answer to prayer!


    Everything that we do in Grace K.I.D.S. is focused on accomplishing two thingsreaching children with the gospel and teaching them how to live for Jesus. 

    A Biblically accurate and easy to follow curriculum ensures sound teaching combined with spiritual discovery. The weekly subject matter and lesson take home should be relevant to kids’ lives and the culture. Kids should be excited about the ideas they are learning and the activities they’re asked to do to reinforce their learning


    Grace KIDS volunteers have all passed a criminal background check and are regular attenders of our church.

    Grace KIDS volunteers wear name tags so they are recognizable to our children and families. 

    Grace KIDS volunteers maintain communication with our security staff to notify parents when their children need them. 

    Grace KIDS volunteers show love but respect each child's personal space and boundaries. 

    Grace KIDS volunteers keep classroom doors open, converstions in the public sphere and do not engage with children on social media platforms or private texts. 

    Grace KIDS volunteers honor the confidentiality of our families. 

    Grace KIDS volunteers use encouraging words with children and teach in accordance with sound Biblical principles. 

    Grace KIDS respect the parent's role in the lives of their children. 

    Grace KIDS bring all sensitive matters to the attention of our pastors when necessary for the wellbeing of a child. 

Swaddlers and Toddlers


Our nursery is available for parent use and well stocked for times when your little one (or a parent) is fussy or needs a changing.

We are a breastfeeding friendly campus and have a private space available for our nursing moms inside the nursery.