So many people are searching, trying so many different approaches to meet an undefined need, a yearning inside that vices have may have occasionally succeeded in masking, but have never satisfied. Their hardness comes from skepticism. Maybe, just maybe, much of what they have seen and heard, in the name of Jesus Christ, has caused them to doubt His reality.
For the mature believer, it really isn’t a bother. We are convinced, whether in times of ease and pleasure or times of great trial, the believer has realized the reality of Christ and His promises.
But for the non believer, or the ‘wanna-be’ believer who has had their feelings hurt or their expectations not met, or maybe just the ‘tire kicking cynic’, is there evidence that upholds the life and claims of Jesus of Nazareth? Is there anything beyond the typical preaching at the typical church?

Yes. A resounding ‘Yes’.

Outside of the Biblical records, antiquity has preserved other sources, some of which are early believers, while others were skeptics themselves, haters of the new sect called ‘Christian’.

For those with an open mind, I invite you to follow the link provided to just one of many sites which provide compelling evidence for the extraordinary biblical claims of the Life of Jesus Christ.

As you do so, I also encourage you to ask yourself the question: “if this is true and Jesus Christ is really the Son of God, what does that mean for me?”

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