On occasion, we can find ourselves thinking over our situations, decisions and so on, and wonder, ‘in the grand scheme of things, should I have done that?… if only I had gone here or there… am I on the right track?’ Maybe it happens a bit more often as we realize that we have piled up some birthdays behind us, but now and then, we take stock in ourselves and wonder.

That can worry us if we let it. ‘Second guessing’ our way through life can rob our peace and joy.

Here’s the good news. This should take the chill out of every breeze and the shutter out of every step.


Here it is.


God really does love you.

He loved you before you were born. He loved you with the full awareness of all of your choices and actions. Now, that doesn’t mean He approved of them all, and that they do not have consequences, but no matter, He loves you.

Think on that a while…