5 Loaves

Serving our After-school children 

a well balanced meal and snack, each and every day.



We address the root cause of cyclical poverty – unemployment.


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The program offers a path out of poverty through employment.
We care about our students’ potential much more than their past situations. 

We specialize in equipping adults – with histories of incarceration, addiction, homelessness, and trauma – with the hands-on training and counseling support they need to begin a culinary career. Students’ families, businesses, taxpayers, and our community are just a few examples of the benefit from our program’s prosperity.


How It Works

5 Loaves is a non-profit,
pay-what-you-can community kitchen that builds a healthy and inclusive community. We provide high quality and delicious meals produced from local sources when available, served in a restaurant where everybody eats, regardless of means.


Our Concept

We embrace a pay what you can afford concept by providing a few payment options.

1. You can pay with your time in service as payment.

2. Pay the full amount of the suggested meal price.

3. Pay the full amount of the suggested meal price, plus a little extra to “pay it forward.”

4. Give your time in service to “pay it forward” for your neighbor to enjoy a meal. 


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Supplying meals to our seniors,
that are unable travel out any longer whether due to health or  vulnerability. 




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